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Looking for a way to get more involved?

Perks of Serving on the FX Board

• Free membership while in office

Help shape this community into what you want it to be

Be top of mind when it comes to referrals

Rub elbows with other movers and shakers

Earn an impressive bullet point to add to your bio or résumé

Enhance your leadership skills

Fun board socials

Stand out amongst other freelancers

Give back to the community that gives so much to you

We have the following Leadership Openings:

Vice President

The Vice President of FX is a member of the Executive Board and presides over meetings in the absence of the President. He/she works with and assists Board members with follow-through of their duties. The Vice Presidency is a grooming position for the Presidency, and he/she will be expected to fill the Presidential role come the next vacancy.


The Treasurer of FX is responsible for all things financial, including keeping track of club accounts, including income and expenses, and providing a report at the monthly board meeting. Duties also include making payments, providing refunds, working with the club’s accountant, handling incorporation paperwork, and more. The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Board and helps conduct general management of the club.

Communications Director

The Communications Director of FX oversees all communications coming from the club, including—but not limited to: emails and blog posts. This individual manages a committee of volunteers, ensuring information and events are communicated effectively, style guides are adhered to, and messages are sent out in a timely manner. This person works closely with the Marketing, Web, and Social Media Directors.


The Secretary of FX is a member of the Executive Board. Duties include keeping meeting minutes and attendance, assisting with scheduling of meetings and events, corresponding with outside parties, and other duties as designated by the President.

Special Events Director

The Special Events Director of FX is responsible for planning and executing the annual Portfolio Showcase, Freelance Focus (or Freelance Business Week) and any other special event he/she sees fit. Duties include directing a committee of volunteers to assist with each event in the capacity of creative, operations, logistics, communications, sponsorships, PR, and any other realm as needed. This person will work closely with the Communications, Marketing, Web and Social Media Directors to ensure a consistent message is communicated.

Outreach Director

The Outreach Director of FX manages efforts to increase visibility of the club to help us be a top-of-mind resource, both for freelancers and those who hire them. This individual works with a committee to increase engagement in person and online. This includes participating in trade shows, networking with other groups, and meeting with decision makers, community leaders, agencies and businesses, and resource partners.

Programs Director

The Programs Director of FX is responsible for working with a committee to plan each of the monthly luncheon programs. This includes choosing a topic, speaker, and location (restaurant or online) for the gathering. This individual works to deliver the details to the Secretary, plus Marketing, Communications, Web, and Social Media Directors in order to have ample time to promote each lunch program.

Don't see the right position for you above? We are always looking for Committee Members too!

Communications Committee

Needs 2 more members

Special Events Committee

Needs 1 more member

Marketing Committee

Needs 2 more members

Membership Committee

Needs 1 more member

Social Committee

Needs 2 more members

Website Committee

Needs 2 more members

E-mail [email protected] for more information or to express your interest.