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Portfolio Showcase

How to Prepare for the FX Portfolio Showcase

The Freelance Exchange’s annual Portfolio Showcase is coming up on November 9th. Are you ready?? FX puts on this signature ...
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freelance graphic designer

‘Seize the Day’ is the Mantra of Freelance Graphic Design Members

Freelance graphic designers are a fearless bunch! That theme came through loud and clear from the graphic design members of ...
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What Makes a Good FX Portfolio?

By Amber Monaco One of the best benefits of joining FX is to have your business listed in the Portfolio ...
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Freelance Copywriter

Freelance Copywriters Sound Off About Silence

In the popular imagination, a freelance copywriter is the coffee shop customer wearing earpods and click-clacking away on their laptop ...
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Independent Workforce is Growing

The Number of Independent Workers is Growing

Some are calling it the Great Realization, others are calling it an Independent Wave. Whatever you call it, the numbers ...
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Max Sheffield, FX PR Chair, Freelancing as My Authentic Self

Freelancing as My Authentic Self

There wasn’t yet language to describe how I felt when I was younger. My high school friends called me the ...
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