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Laura Williams


[email protected]

Laura is a marketing freelancer who provides data-driven, creative digital and traditional marketing services, partnering with businesses to fill the gaps in their marketing strategy so they can meet their marketing goals and grow their business. Her services include social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, PPC, media relations, print design, website creation and marketing automation. Keeping abreast of the latest marketing strategies, and testing and adjusting marketing messages and channels that compel consumers to act are ongoing challenges that she loves! She’s thankful for the opportunity to help businesses tell their stories. Reach out to Laura at [email protected].

Liz Botts

Vice President

[email protected]

As a writer and designer, Liz loves collaborating with others to craft authentic stories and content in novel ways. With more than a decade of experience in marketing, design, and the arts, she pulls from a rich and diverse skill set to deliver engaging and thoughtful results, no matter the task at hand. A never-ending desire to grow, learn, and engage keeps her active within the KC community through volunteering and serving on local boards and committees.
julie cortes

Julie Cortés


[email protected]

Julie Cortés is an award-winning freelance advertising/marketing copywriter and proofreader, who works in all mediums and most industries. Her client and account lists run the gamut, from ad agencies and design shops to corporations and small businesses. Cortés has dedicated her 20+ year career to helping other freelancers be successful as well. She is the founder of The Freelance Exchange of KC, an adjunct professor at the KC Art Institute where she created her own course, Freelancing 101, and a professional speaker and business coach targeting both freelancers and the people who hire them.

George Weyrauch

Member At Large

George brings a combination of business acumen, sales passion, and servant leadership to his chosen role in business development for creative and marketing agencies. Respected and well-regarded throughout the Midwest and nationally, George has helped grow both the agencies he has worked for and those he has partnered with, and his reputation is rooted in equal parts of integrity and success.

Since his early career, George has been involved with creative teams and their business leaders, taking care of client relationships and developing new ones. He has been a key contributor to the stability and business growth of agencies including Muller + Company, Callahan Creek, Barkley Blacktop, and Propaganda3. Most recently, George has led Rock Creative Network, providing business development to full service agencies, creative studios, specialized consultancies, and service providers – all centered in the advertising and digital communications business.

George leads new business initiatives from his grounding in strategy, his orientation toward relationship development, and his core values of service. One of his special gifts is the ability to help a team identify their unique positioning to the market, and then to translate that into new business results through effective prospecting, targeting, and new and expanded relationships that lead to sales.

Board of Directors

Jeanene Dunn

Communications Director

[email protected]

Jeanene is a writer, editor, proofreader and communications consultant – and avid reader. Her professional experience includes corporate communications and marketing stints in the engineering, financial services, mortgage and healthcare (animal and human health) industries. She has also worked on the agency side as an employee and a freelancer providing copywriting, consulting and proofreading services. For the last 15 years, Jeanene has written, consulted and managed editorial for the Kansas City-based Our Health Matters magazine. In addition to being in service to the Freelance Exchange, Jeanene is a passionate advocate for her community through her work as vice-president of the Beacon Hill-McFeders Community Council and neighborhood representative for the Urban Neighborhood Initiative.

Jen Rarey


[email protected]

Jen is a creative director, graphic designer, and illustrator based in Kansas City. Her work encompasses brand-building, print and digital marketing, and product development. Clients include agencies and entrepreneurs, nonprofits, conservation-minded organizations like Ocean Matters and Hawaii Experiences, and beloved brands such as Hallmark, Garmin, and Coca-Cola. Jen has also built deep experience in animal health with Compassion-First Pet Hospitals, a leader in veterinary emergency and specialty medicine. Animals are her passion, and individuals and businesses looking to do good in the world are her kind of people. Outside of work, Jen’s curiosity and adventurous nature has led her to hobbies such as hiking, snowboarding, and scuba diving. She’s owned by a kitty and two Shiba Inu. All of these have led to good stories. Let’s chat!
Elizabeth Dunn Hall headshot

Elizabeth Dunn-Hall


[email protected]

Elizabeth was FX's very first Membership Director and she is excited to put her 25+ years of entrepreneurial experience to work! A Texas transplant, avid coffee lover, proud mother of two, survivor of divorce and a true creative visionary. Her passion and strategic ability to adapt to the client’s needs and create from the business owner’s shoes – whether by pixel or print – is phenomenal. Elizabeth is a dynamic communicator who will keep it real, make you laugh, empower you to soar to new heights and realize your strengths. Reach out to Elizabeth at [email protected].

Matt Nichols


[email protected]

Matt Nichols celebrated his 16th year anniversary as a freelance photographer in July, and has been creating dynamic images for over 22 years. Specializing in commercial and fashion photography. Matt works out of his custom-built 3000 square foot studio in the old Italian neighborhood of Columbus Park in downtown Kansas City, MO. Matt believes in "No BIG egos, just BIG pictures."

Hamama Bushra


[email protected]

Hamama Bushra is an enthusiastic traditional illustrator and graphic designer, who enjoys the unique hands-on process that analog offers. She also makes a mean cup of tea. She plans all the coffee meet-ups and the happy hours that members and non-members alike can enjoy.

Victoria Pena


[email protected]

With a passion to empower audiences through creative storytelling, travel, and adventures, I have been sharing my journey around the world since 2012. I have written, directed and produced content and digital media for a variety of brands and industries, from non-profits to celebrities and influencers. Creative strategy is truly a passion and I've developed a proven track record of designing high-quality, engaging, audience-appropriate stories that are aligned with brand and business goals. I believe there is an art to bringing together the right internal and external resources to create and leverage a community.

Maliha Khan

Social Media

[email protected]

Maliha Khan is an award-winning marketer with more than 10 years of experience in leading integrated marketing programs. She has become a change agent in helping companies leverage their unique strengths to build strategic roadmaps and unparalleled creative solutions. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Khanect the Dots LLC, a digital marketing firm specializing in content marketing and creative design. She is currently serving as Social Media Director on the Freelance Exchange of Kansas City's board. She is also the Vice President of Communications for the Kansas City chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators and previously served as their Quills Award Director. During her free time, Maliha loves to track current industry trends, travel, create art, and spend time with her family.

Amy Moyer


[email protected]

Amy Moyer has over 15 years of experience in freelance design and marketing. She is passionate about helping small businesses create memorable brands, build social equity with their target audiences, and teaching them how to maximize their marketing dollars! When she isn't busy running, she loves to create art, cook, and spend time with her family.