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Cami Travis-Groves


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A seasoned graphic designer with more than 25 years of experience, Cami is also a design strategist, an author, a business consultant, a good-juju spreader, and a speaker who’s given talks all over the country. She's the founder of The Freelancer PRO, an online coaching program helping people build wildly successful freelance businesses. Her experience includes designing in all forms and working for all types of clients, from a multi-million-dollar investment firm to one-person startups, from independent publishers to international recording artists. Cami enjoys giving back to her creative community—she's a serial volunteer who feels honored to hold the title of president.

Doug Lay

Vice President

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Ashley McCarter


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Ashley is a Kansas City-based graphic designer. She's worked on brands in healthcare, the wine and beverage industry, consumer packaged goods category, education, and has won two Gold Addy awards for her digital media work on social media content. Ashley has rescued canine family members that she loves posting photos of on Instagram.

Chad McAtee


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Julie Cortés


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Julie Cortés is an award-winning freelance advertising/marketing copywriter and proofreader, who works in all mediums and most industries. Her client and account lists run the gamut, from ad agencies and design shops to corporations and small businesses. In addition to serving her clients, Cortés has dedicated her 20+ year career to helping others be successful as well. She is the founder and past president of The Freelance Exchange of KC—an industry organization that serves both self-employed professionals as well as the businesses that hire them. She is also an adjunct professor at the KC Art Institute, where she created her own course, Freelancing 101. Cortés is regularly sought out for mentoring, speaking engagements and media interviews.

Diane Schmidt

Past President

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Diane Schmidt is a seasoned project manager and proofreader with more than 30 years of experience. Diane’s background is in direct marketing and print production management with companies such as Sprint and Harte-Hanks. She has been an entrepreneur since 1999—solopreneur, contractor, freelancer, whatever you want to call it. Her experience includes proofreading and managing projects on national and local levels, from small businesses to large firms, advertising and design agencies, etc. She remains actively involved on The Freelance Exchange Board as Immediate Past President and always has her fingers in numerous FX activities.

Board of Directors

Cathy Mores


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Elizabeth Dunn-Hall


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Elizabeth was The Freelance Exchange's very first Membership Director and she is excited to be back! She is an avid coffee lover, proud mother of two, Texas transplant, survivor of divorce and true creative visionary. Elizabeth is one of the best graphic designers you’ve seen. She is a dynamic communicator who will keep it real, make you laugh, empower you to soar to new heights and realize your strength. Her passion and ability to adapt to the client’s needs and create from the business owner’s shoes – whether by pixel or print – is phenomenal. Elizabeth is excited to put her strengths and 20+ years of entrepreneur experience to work!

Benjamin James


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Nicole Hinken


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Matt Nichols


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Matt Nichols celebrated his 16th year anniversary as a freelance photographer in July, and has been creating dynamic images for over 22 years. Specializing in commercial and fashion photography. Matt works out of his custom-built 3000 square foot studio in the old Italian neighborhood of Columbus Park in downtown Kansas City, MO. Matt believes in "No BIG egos, just BIG pictures."

Hamama Bushra


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Hamama Bushra is an enthusiastic traditional illustrator and graphic designer, who enjoys the unique hands-on process that analog offers. She also makes a mean cup of tea. She plans all the coffee meet-ups and the happy hours that members and non-members alike can enjoy.

Alexis Ceule

Social Media

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Alexis has the unique ability to speaking with your brand’s distinct voice online, and has been doing so for more than ten years. She's a social crafter, brand ambassador & social evolver and self-proclaimed and enthusiastic "Mamapreneur." She's parade commentator, a Jayhawk, Kansas City proud, a fan of solar- and wind-power and, hell yes, she runs with scissors.

Cheryl Aufdemberge

Special Events

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Cheryl is passionate about digital marketing and in helping her clients grow their online presence. She has a decade or more of experience in the areas of website, blog and CRM administration, social media management, e-marketing, online research and event planning/onsite management. Cheryl is a lifelong learner and serves on several Boards and Committees for local nonprofit organizations.

Elise Del Vecchio


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Elise’s digital journey started back in the days when she was creating beaded jewelry for sale at hippie festivals. Naturally creative, she was encouraged primarily in poetry and music before finding an inclination for form and color, and the beauty and order brought about by the tiny conjunctions of myriads of jewel-like beads. Sometime in 1997, her curiosity about how things work led her to analyze the source of a web page served up by Netscape. The patterns within patterns of html reminded her of linear patterns of beads and the fun she had learning BASIC as a child. She recognized the potential democratization of information and tech and wanted to be involved, so she returned to college and earned her degree in Computer Arts - New Media at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Elise has wide experience as a freelancer, working directly with clients or for agencies such as HOT Studio and Bridge Interactive. She has been working and learning on the vanguard of the interactive industry since it was just getting its legs. She is passionate about usability and accessibility and gets excited about great design.