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You can choose many different writers for your next project. Here are a few things to know about what makes Jim special.


Client needed a short blog post summarizing the new chip-enabled credit cards. These are the EMV chips where EMV stands for EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa.


Client needed a case study demonstrating how the correct quality software system was a big win for the customer on several levels.


This single PDF contains a wide variety of numerous projects that I have handled. You will see web content, newsletters, white papers, speech edits, social media, blog posts, and video-script consulting work.


I am a freelance corporate writer with decades of experience in the writing, editing, and creative processes. I absolutely love this role because I tremendously enjoy learning so much about different business situations, contexts, and environments. I derive great satisfaction in partnering with my clients to facilitate their greater success. My freelance role grew in parallel with my various professional roles and background. These have included research and technical writing with Eastman Kodak Company, quality team management with AT&T, corporate training with Johnson Controls, Six Sigma project management, and business consulting. I am also an ordained minister and have pastored several churches. I have consistently found that my diverse background has been an asset in my freelance corporate writing. It helps me forge deeper connections with my clients, thereby generating strategic insights toward their ultimate success. Although I have traveled over much of our great nation, my home base was originally New York State (Johnson City and Rochester). For the past quarter-century I have resided in Kansas City, Missouri. I am blessed to be in my 39th year of marriage with Kathy. We have three children and two grandchildren. Kathy and I enjoy keeping in shape via weightlifting, hiking, and ice skating. Academically, my degrees include a BS in chemistry, an MDiv in pastoral counseling, and an MBA.