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Text 'push' message to EmployBridge employees via proprietary app

In partnership with vendor BackStitch, communications contractor Elaine Symanski writes and formats timely messages for employees of EmployBridge. This message is a reminder about flu shots.

Notions+, An App Sold in the iTunes Store

Notions+, Our Curious Culture of Consumption, is an app Elaine Symanski created with a designer business partner. It is free in the iTunes store. The app has had a great deal of success: Notions+, Our Curious Culture of Consumption, was one of three finalists in the 2015 Digital Book Awards, an international competition with an awards ceremony in conjunction with a digital book conference in New York City. Elaine's role was Editorial Director, overseeing the structure and content of the book; writing articles; and assigning and editing contributions from freelancers.

Blog post for SelectQuote

SelectQuote is America's #1 Term Life Insurance Company. The blog's content marketing approach appeals to a broad audience interested in living the best possible life by making sound financial and personal choices. While never a hard-sell approach, the blog posts on a variety of topics give loyal readers confidence in the company.

Marketing Flyer for an Executive Coach

A catchy tagline, engaging copy and compelling call to action create a powerful marketing tool for a solo practitioner building a nationwide following.

Communications Campaign: Health Care Challenge

Faced with a projected deficit of $23 million in the Embarq health care benefits budget because of a large increase in the number of claims, executives turned to the HR communications team to generate action among employees to help control health care costs. An extensive communications campaign managed by Elaine Symanski and an HR partner resulted in corporate savings of $9 million, as employees changed their health habits. The campaign consisted of videos, emails, employee meetings, intranet campaign and social media.

In-depth profile of the creator of iconic FedEx logo

This in-depth profile of Lindon Leader for the TrustedPeer website explores the steps to create a strong and unique corporate identity as the first step to succeed in the marketplace. The FedEx logo, which Leader created, is widely recognized as the epitome of an outstanding brand identity. TrustedPeer allows organizations to create their own private network of virtual experts in a broad variety of subjects. (Click logo to access profile.)

Sprint TouchScreen shopping campaign in 500+ stores

When Sprint planned to roll out TouchScreen Shopping in 500+ stores nationwide, they turned to the Sprint ClearSolutions team and Multimedia Writer/Producer Elaine Symanski to write and direct video scripts to sell Sprint services. The compelling interactive presentation for consumers showed new products in action and helped consumers make informed choices.

Contest King: Feature story for retail magazine

As Chief Editor of Produce Merchandising magazine, Elaine Symanski searched North America for compelling stories about how to sell fresh produce. This feature article about a produce manager in Pennsylvania who won 50+ contests for his inventive displays, inspired others to think beyond the bins in order to create eye-popping, sales-soaring displays of fresh fruits and vegetables. The B-2-B magazine had a 12,000 controlled circulation.

E-Book: Comprehensive guide to finding the right insurance

When SelectQuote, America’s #1 term life insurance company wanted to create a comprehensive guide to its many products and services, they turned to editorial contractor Elaine Symanski. Working with subject matter experts across the company, she wrote a 46-page handbook that explains in easy-to-understand terms, the many options available to consumers for life insurance, Medicare supplemental insurance and auto and home coverage. The guide tells both sides of the story – the plusses as well as the drawbacks – of the insurance choices consumers can make.

Intranet news story: ‘Green Team’ computer recycling project

A company intranet comes to life and makes employees want to check in daily when it’s filled with compelling stories. This article about a four-day collection of outdated, unused computer equipment saved Embarq corporation $176,000 in software licenses and from reusing computers and peripherals for other employees, plus recycling pay-back for obsolete equipment. It also inspired employees to find other ways to cut costs by eliminating waste.

Hollywood Casino press release: Creating a true epic buffet

When Hollywood Casino hired a new executive chef, his first charge was to take the traditional casino standby, the buffet, from an average presentation to an epic level. PR writer Elaine Symanski worked with Executive Chef Tim Jones to craft a press release that sold the buffet story to the media, resulting in a surge of business from casino regulars and repeat visits from new customers.

Blog Post: Mr. Bean, Director of Love and Compassion at Ronald McDonald House

When the Ronald McDonald House charity needed to build another house near Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, they initiated a social media fundraising campaign that included a blog on the charity’s site and regular Facebook posts. Writer Elaine Symanski was charged with writing an inventive blog post about the huggable Mr. Bean. A Q&A was a natural choice to tell the story in Mr. Bean’s own words – more or less. (His handler helped provide some details, but Mr. Bean’s sparkling personality carried the post.)


Owner ESymanski Communications Elaine Symanski is an award-winning communications professional specializing in editorial consulting, strategic planning, project management, web site content and development, blogging, writing, editing and proofreading. Elaine works with diverse corporate and nonprofit clients across many industries in all digital, social and print media. ​