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Professional Profile - Brenda Perkins

Professional profiles are bio-style pieces that help clients tell their compelling story. Profiles are easily posted to websites, shared as a speaker's bio or sent as a first response to a referral. Client occupations include: attorney, realtor, insurance professional, career guide, business coach and others tasked with marketing themselves.

Client Blog Post - click image to view

Tutor Doctor is a Toronto-based provider of education services, with more than 300 education consultants in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and beyond.

Banking Industry Article

One of a series of monthly articles in an online industry publication written for a Houston-based client providing software, profit maximization and executive search services to nationwide banks and credit unions for 40+ years.

Client Newsletter

Cover page of the first seasonal four-page newsletter for a client with more than a dozen independent operations in seven states and 300+ associates. The project was a collaboration with the client HR team and covered 8 - 10 topics from an initial list of 15. The newsletter mailed to associates' homes and was among the first pieces to connect all associates who previously worked for separately-owned companies.

Media Appearance - Nonprofit Client

One of many earned-media (no-cost) appearances secured for the Head for the Cure Foundation, a non-profit raising money for brain cancer research by conducting more than 100 5K run/walk events since 2003, and raising more than $10 million. On-air appearances raise event awareness locally and drive increased attendance. Learn more at

Media Appearance - Retail Client

Earned-media appearance featuring Mary Schulte, founder of Open Home by Mary Schulte, a provider of gifts, home decor and entertaining accessories. Purchased, three-minute spots can cost thousands. Open Home can be found online at and in Kansas City, Missouri.

Testimonial - client acquisition ad

One of a series of testimonial-style ads appearing in trade publications and on the website of client Energy Distribution Partners. Seeking new acquisitions, EDP commissioned the stories of sellers as a way to attract business owners into their acquisition pipeline.

Podcast Preview for Startland News

I write a periodic column about podcasts for Startland News, Kansas City's online home for entrepreneurship and innovation news. I share what can be learned by listening to podcasts, which are almost always free, easily accessible and incredibly resourceful. I tailor my columns to a mostly entrepreneurial audience, telling how they can best benefit from specific podcasts along their entrepreneurial journey. Click the image at left to access my columns.


Byron provides content writing, media outreach and marketing consulting services to individuals and organizations seeking to raise their visibility, recognition and revenue. Through interviews and collaboration, he helps clients develop their brand messaging and tell their stories. Byron writes articles, records testimonials, polishes business plans and creates professional profiles – both bio and LinkedIn-style – for digital and print channels. His media placements have helped clients boost their public perception, event attendance and fundraising. Byron volunteers at arts, entrepreneurial and philanthropic organizations. He holds a Journalism degree from the University of Kansas, and a Master’s in Marketing from Avila University.